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Book Review: "Power To The People!"
by Brian Stramel, CPT

How to get strongPower To The People  is perhaps the best book I’ve ever read on strength training.  In it Pavel Tsatsouline details how to build extremely high levels of full body strength using only 2 exercises, 20 minutes a day and less than $150 in equipment (said “equipment” being a 300lb barbell set, look for sales or buy used.)

The best part is because this is low volume, heavy weight work you do not get very sore (after a short adaptation period, I don’t get sore at all) and don’t pack on much (if any) muscle. You just get crazy-strong.  

You do this by lifting heavy weights (with safe and stable form) for low repetitions.  Pavel does a great job of explaining how to properly lift while protecting your back as well as techniques to increase your stability.  My back has never felt better than after I started doing heavy dead lifts.

I have used the methods in the book off and on for a few years and worked up to a 450 lb dead lift at about 185 lbs bodyweight. 

The only real downside to the book is it is a little short and there are a lot of ads at the end.  That really didn’t bother me much as the book thoroughly covered the subject (the whole idea of it was to be simple) and I learned a lot.  It also has an interesting section detailing the “Russian Bear” program that elite Spetsnaz (Soviet Special Forces) soldiers used to pack on lots of muscle in a short amount of time.

If you want to get strong and toned without adding bulk, this method is for you. If getting “yoked” (that means big) is your thing, using this method for a month will allow you to add more weights in your traditional bodybuilding routines leading to better gains.   

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