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 What Is A Kettlebell?  kettlebell

I'm glad you asked! First, the correct term is "kettlebell," a combination of "kettle" and "bell" in one word.  It is often mistakenly referred to as a "Russian kettlebell," "kettle" "bell," "kettle" "ball," or "kettleballs."  

The kettlebell is an old time strength training tool a lot like a dumbbell, only shaped differently.  Kettlebells are a lot like a cannonball with a handle, usually made out of cast iron.  Kettlebells go back hundreds of years and were originally a lot smaller and used as weights for checking scales.  One day somebody got the idea to use larger ones for exercise and the rest is history.  

Kettlebells used to be popular in Russia, Europe and in the US in the 1800's up until just after the turn of the century.  Soon after the 20th century, kettlebells largely disappeared in the US and stayed popular in Russia. Kettlebells were used for fitness, in the Soviet military, and a kettlebell competition developed.

Around 1998, Pavel Tsatsouline, a former Soviet Spetsnaz trainer and fitness expert, re-introduced kettlebells to the US in  the form of his first kettlebell product "The Russian Kettlebell Challenge."  Since then, kettlebells have really caught on for general fitness and fat loss due to their simplicity and effectiveness.  They are offered by a number of companies and it seems like every week there is a new kettlebell book or video.

So, now that you know what a kettlebell is, I would suggest grabbing one pronto along with an instructional kettlebell DVD of your choosing and see what the fuss is about for yourself!










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