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Video Review: Kettlebell Solutions for Speed and Explosive Strength, Mike Mahler
by Brian Stramel, CPT

Mike Mahler KettlebellsThis isn’t Mike Mahler’s 1st DVD, but it is the 1st one I purchased from him.  Speed and explosive strength is more up my alley as a sometimes infantryman, sometimes executive protection specialist, than size and strength.

One thing I really like about Mike Mahler’s DVDs is that he is very conscientious of what he’s already covered in his own products as well as what has been covered to death already in the popular products by others.  This DVD has a lot of unique exercises and unique takes on old standbys that make them more explosive.

The run time is over 80 minutes long.  No shortage of information here!  The menu and organization is very clear.  The exercises are broken down into 4 categories: full body, upper body, lower body and rotational.

Of the full body exercises, I like the “full body attack” best.  You start in the pushup position with hands on 2 kettlebells, jump forward into a squat and clean both bells, then return.  This takes a lot of explosive power and is a killer conditioning drill if done for higher reps.

I really like the “guard attack” from the upper body exercises.  It is basically alternating floor presses done explosively with the assistance of your legs.  It builds power from on your back (as in the Brazilian Ju Jitsu guard position).  

“Explosive lunges” are a really challenging lower body exercise.  Like a regular lunge done quickly with a kettlebell.  Don’t let your knee touch! (It hurts).

Finally, we come to the rotational exercises, of which, there is only one (but I really dig it).  It is the “crossover snatch”.  Like a regular snatch, only the kettlebell starts on one side of your body and you snatch it diagonally across your midsection, overhead to the opposite side.  Great for building rotational power from the floor up in the obliques.

Those are just some highlights from each section.  The production values are good and the video and audio are clear.  Each exercise is demonstrated from 2 angles and explained in depth along with an additional “tips” section.  I like how the “tips” are separate so since I’ve seen it all ready, I can just click on the exercise for a quick refresher before plugging it into a workout.  Or, if I’m struggling with one, I can go straight to the tips and get squared away.

I’ve incorporated some of these exercises into my regular routine and they are fun, challenging and break up the monotony.

One final thing I really like is how Mike Mahler only briefly touches on program design in the DVD, then sends out a very thorough .pdf file via email with all kinds of sample programs and recommendations.  Great use of multimedia in the Internet age.  The .pdf conveys the minutia of sample workouts and programs far more efficiently and easily referenced than it would be on video. 

Hard to find something to criticize on this DVD without nit-picking.  It delivers all that it promises and more.  You might not like his humor or the intro music I guess? 

Check out other products for men and women, including Enter the Kettlebell, Strength Secret of the Soviet Supermen.  

Purchase this Mike Mahler DVD here! Stay tuned for my upcoming review of Mike Mahler’s Kettlebell Solutions for Fat Loss and Mental Toughness.  



Mike Mahler Kettlebell

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