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Although there are tons of different kettlebell exercises, they all fall into two main categories; grinds and ballistics.  Grinds are performed slowly and for strength much like traditional weight lifting or free weights.  Examples include chest presses, bent over rows and squats.

The “ballistic” exercises use more of the whole body and are done for high-repetition endurance which builds anaerobic capacity and burns fat. Examples are the swing and snatch.

The most basic kettlebell exercise is the swing.  Begin by holding the kettlebell with both hands, arms extended and hanging down.  Sit back, bend your knees slightly and swing the kettlebell back between your legs.  Snap the hips and propel the kettlebell forward to about chest height, repeat.  Exhale on the way back and inhale on the way up.  Keep your arms straight, do not lift with your arms or shoulders.  Your hips do all the lifting.

The swing is the foundation exercise and is a great fat-burner in its own right.  Muscles worked by the swing include the glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

The clean is next.  ”Cleaning” a weight involves getting it from the floor up to shoulder height. The clean starts out like the swing, but then you control the bell and keep it close to your body.  Once it gets to chest height, thread your hand through it and the handle is up, the bell resting on the outside of your forearm, elbow in tight resting on, or near, your hip.

The clean is a pull which works your back, lats and traps.  Cleans can either be slow, strength movements or used for high repetitions for more of a cardio effect.

When planning my workouts, I usually like to combine a strength circuit featuring 3-4 grinding movements with a cardio circuit to finish it off with ballistic exercises.  This provides a very time-efficient fat burning workout that usually only lasts about 15-30 minutes.  If you don’t own a kettlebell that’s OK, you can do the kettlebell exercises with dumb bells to start...or go here and buy kettlebells today!


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