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Kettlebell DVD Review:  The Ultimate Toughman Kit

Ultimate Tough Man Kettlebell DVD  I was a bit skeptical of anything labeled "Ultimate" or "Extreme"...

Extreme Kettlebell Cardio 2 DVD is the 1st one I used.  The warm-up is a little longer than I'm used to, but I enjoy it.  It really gets your heart rate going and prepares for what is to come.

Next I tried the 1st workout called "The Flow."  He said you can use a heavier KB since the reps are lower, so I grabbed a 24kg (which is the size I started out in KBs with over 6 years ago).  It almost killed me!  I dropped to a 16kg for the next 2 workout sections and one of the core workouts at the end.  For a point of reference, I am 5’10”, 183lbs, have done the ROP a number of times, to include the SSST and can strict MP the 88lb kettlebell.  Nothing special, but I really didn’t have a use for the 16kg bell until this DVD!

By this point, I knew the "extreme" label wasn't hype.  This Kettlebell DVD is tough.  Heavy emphasis on cardio and strength endurance.  More biased towards lower body than upper. 

Likes: the menu system is simple, but functional.  Just highlight the workout segment you want and hit enter on the remote.  Once it finishes, you are back at the menu.  Catch your breath (cough up a lung) then hit the next one you want.  There is good variety, 7 KB workouts, 2 core workouts and the warm-up.  An easy day would be the warm-up and any 2 workouts.  Medium day; select 3-4 workouts plus warm-up.  Hard day; try and do 5+ workouts plus warm up.

The workout segments are about 5-10 minutes each (I’m too busy getting smoked to time them!) 

Dislikes:  the sound and video quality has been mentioned.  I’m all about function though, when the DVD is running and I’m following along, I don’t notice it at all.  It is only an issue if you are watching on the couch…but that isn’t what this (or any KB) DVD for!

Final critique: the instructions on how to use the DVD scrolls by pretty fast.  Easy for me to scan/absorb, but I have quite a bit of fitness experience.  Someone newer to fitness would have to pause to take in the information. 

Bottom line: a great follow-along workout video with heavy cardio emphasis.  You will lose weight with this one!

KAT kettlebell juggling DVD vol 1.  I’ve only spent a little time on this one so far, watched it through and did 1 workout.  At first, I wanted the fancier stuff likely in vol 2 &3…but it is important to get the basics down.  At any rate, the KBs still catch air early on.  There are over a dozen exercises on here.  He recommends to pick 4 or so to work on each session. 

Again, I'm finding a great use for my 16kg kettlebell and my wife's 2X 12kg bells.  This is a lot of fun, a great addition to add variety to any routine.  It is a good poure cardio workout also.  You are using light bells, but for higher reps, and you don't really notice the reps since it is so much fun and challenging.

The setting and video quality is good and the instruction is clear.  There is a lot of meat here to keep you busy for a long time.  The lower intensity makes it great for light days and variety days if you are going through the “Enter The Kettlebell” ROP. 

He goes over safety right off the bat which is of course very important for juggling KBs and a good refresher for general KB work.

No real gripes, it might have been good to add in an example of what a typical “KAT” workout would look like or a couple different 15-20 minute follow along workouts.  Not  a big deal though, it doesn’t take much imagination to work on 4-5 techniques for a half hour or so.

“Ultimate Tough Man Kit” bottom line?  The Extreme Kettlebell 2 DVD puts the “tough” in it, the KAT kettlebell juggling I guess makes it “ultimate?” ;-)  It is a challenging set that added some much needed variety to my workout program and has enough info to keep me working at it for months.  Good set, I recommend it.

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