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Traditionally, kettlebells only came in 3 weights: 16 kg (36 lbs), 24 kg (52 lbs), and 32 kg (70 lbs).  Now days they start out a lot lighter and there are many weights in between.  All this choice of different kettlebell sizes can be perplexing.

First off, don't think of kettlebells like dumbbells.  You do not need a bunch of them in 5 lb increments.  One kettlebell, if chosen properly, can last you a long time.  I took a 24 kg (52 lb) kettlebell with me to Afghanistan for a year and it served my fitness needs well.

For an average female with not a lot of fitness experience, it is recommended to start off with an 8 kg (17 lb) kettlebell.  Stronger than average women can start off with a 12 kg (26 lb) kettlebell.  Don't go lighter than the 17 lb one unless you have some specific physical issues that would mandate a lighter kettlebell.  Most kettlebell lifting is done using a large number of muscle groups, so you can make use of the heavier weight.  You won't be doing bicep curls with it.

For men, most should start with a 16kg kettlebell.  If you are a bit stronger than average, start out with a 20 kg (44 lb) kettlebell.  If you are a lot stronger than average, start with a 24 kg (52 lb) kettlebell.  Same advice applies to men regarding starting out with a kettlebell lighter than 36 lbs.  I don't see the need outside of an unusual circumstance.

Once you have all the basic moves down and are really comfortable working with your kettlebell, consider buying the next heavier size, and/or adding a second kettlebell of the same weight in order to do kettlebell exercises involving both at the same time.










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