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Video Review:  The Kettlebell Goddess Workout, Andrea DuCane

Kettlebell GoddessI received Andrea Du Cane's Kettlebell Goddess DVD for Christmas in 2006. I had specifically asked for it. How can you beat the packaging? Who wouldn't want to look like a Goddess from using Kettlebells!

When I played it the first time, the DVD would sort of freeze and stutter when it got to certain sections. I was really disappointed. I called Dragondoor, and to my surprise, they promptly sent me another DVD which arrived in only a few days. No returns expected. The second one worked normally, and I got down to business!
Andrea DuCane, Kettlebell Goddess

The DVD is lengthy, a total of 2 hours and 25 minutes. For only $29.95, it's really a great value. It is broken down into six 'goddess workouts,' each focusing on different aspects of the body. There is a cardio workout and a combined strength and cardio workout. One of my favorites is the ab and core workout, and you'll also find upper body, lower body, and more. There are also plenty of additional bonus exercises which you can pick and choose from to design your own workout!

To my surprise, even after reading a few Kettlebell books and working from a few different videos, there are Kettlebell exercises on this video that I had never seen. They are creative and will keep you from getting bored. Some workouts included more traditional weight exercises which I hadn't done with my Kettlebell, such as a bicep curl. Simply said, this DVD will keep you interested for a very long time.

Each segment is about twenty minutes long. At times, you may feel this is too short of a workout (cool-down stretching included), but you can easily combine upper body with lower body or do two Goddess workouts in different combinations. I love that when I am short on time (which is always), I really have no excuses because each workout is short but definitely not wimpy!

The only downside of this DVD that I noticed is I have to pause the video often to take a few breaths and rest in between sets. Unlike the Iron Core set of DVDs, rest isn't built into the workouts, but it isn't a big deal. It is also hard, so you will lose count in your repetitions! Andrea doesn't usually count or encourage the viewer with how many swings or snatches you have left to go. That can be frustrating, but not too troublesome to be a big deal either.

I highly recommend The Kettlebell Goddess Workout. Start with your lighter Kettlebell and work up to using your heavier Kettlebell, and you won't be disappointed in how long you will reap the benefits of this DVD. It will keep you interested from Christmas to Christmas!

Purchase this DVD here

Dragondoor is also now offering a Women's Ultimate Kettlebell Workout Kit. If you already have some background with Kettlebells, this is the perfect set for you. It includes the Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD as well as your choice of three sizes of serious kettlebells, the 18 lb., 26 lb. or 35 lb. This is an exciting new offering, and I highly recommend it!

For other options, be sure to check out my other reviews of women's kettlebell products, including Sarah Lurie's videos.
Remember these products also come with Dragondoor's risk-free guarantee for one full year!











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